Once upon a time in Tyrn

A New Member

After their grueling first encounter with the goblins, the team still had some spunk left in them to fight. As they weighed their options, however, something odd happened. Maigera Srain, another teacher at The Academy, entered with a lone Human girl. Gary Longbell walked over to greet them and they talked in silence for a time.

As the group looked around at each other, they wondered what could have happened. Before long, Gary returned and explained the situation. Mare was the only surviving member of Maigera’s class after the zombie encounter, and since the teams sixth team member had never shown up, Mare would be more than happy to fill the role should she be accepted. Should Mare be denied, she would need to finish the other tasks on her own in order to graduate, or simply wait for another session of classes.

Luckily, the team accepted, and due to Cyrus insight, decided it would be best if they didn’t immediately delve into the zombie encounter as they had once planned to do. Instead, the team would face kobolds, and then call it a night. With no team to compete against, the group was told that simply passing would entitle them to a tuition refund.

“Alright, I’ll be leaving you with Maigera then, best of luck,” said Gary, leaving the library.

Unlike the transition with Gary, when Maigera entered the students minds, she sent them into a blissful state of euphoria before the cave snapped into place. Soon enough the room was populated with kobolds and the team would face its first new task as a complete six person team.

Cutting a swath through their ranks as if they were no more than stationary targets, the team advanced quickly to the second wave of creatures. Janus decided quickly that now was the time to stop toying around with his power and bring out it’s full might. He summoned a massive ball of fire that seamed to seer through anything it came in contact with. He was racking up a body count as quickly as the bloodthirsty Half-Orc Khaine.

That is not to say they were the only ones in the limelight, as “Ratchet” finally seemed to have everything in order and began to tear through the enemy ranks with his dark energies.

The new addition Mare also made quite the impact, using her deft dagger work to put a quick end to many of the small reptilian men.

In the final encounter, Cyrus revealed the true mark of his faith upon his back, and Corellon seemed to become incarnate through Cyrus faith. Simply decimating the opposing ranks as only an angel sent straight from The Astral Sea could.

Kami-Kavi finally decided to show that he was more than an average Goliath, and took on the form of a Winter Herald, making it impossible for the normally shifty kobolds to escape the reach of his war pick.

When the last kobold fell, and Maigera collapsed the illusion, the team headed off in separate ways. With Cyrus and Mare returning to The Bear’s Den, they were greeted by Kammi Anna, who questioned them about the days tasks. It wasn’t long before Cyrus headed upstairs to study rituals, and Mare headed up simply to read.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party headed for The Thistle and Antler, to see what fun could be had in the town. Greeted by Elyas Shore along with a near empty bar, the group decided to have some ale. A dark brew Elyas was quite proud of, it didn’t impress Janus at all, who returned Elyas haughty attitude to him saying “I thought the bar didn’t serve water?”

None to pleased, Elyas returned to polishing dishes until both Janus and Khaine had left. Returning to talk in apology for their friends behavior, “Ratchet” and Kami-Kavi learned of Elyas history as a student of The Academy. When Elyas learned that they had not yet faced the zombies, he offered his aid in a way, telling the two to meet him before their task in the morning.

The next morning, when the team awoke to an embarrassing scene between Kami and Kammi, they hurried off to The Academy to finish their final piece of field training…



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