Once upon a time in Tyrn

A Rude Awakening

When the party awoke, they found some fruit laid out with a note, perhaps due to Kammi Anna’s odd encounter with Kami-Kavi the day previous. While some of the party enjoyed fruit upstairs, others headed downstairs to see what meat was available and then head out.

Kami-Kavi was in search of a new weapon and asked Kammi where he might procure one. When she told him that Arms by Kain likely had what he would need, Kami-Kavi headed straight out the door. When he looked around outside, there was a rather large gathering around a statue of Kormayne. Ignoring the crowd, Kami-Kavi proceeded to Arms by Kain where he found written in red on the door that the establishment was closed. He knocked several times, only to be jeered at by the crowd. Greeted only by weeping from inside the shop, he proceeded back to The Bear’s Den.

Khaine and Janus Altus decided they would head out to go and visit Nol Terell, whom they had met the previous night at Thoracia. When they went outside, they saw the crowd and decided to investigate. They found that a man had been murdered in a rather vicious manner during the night and that his blood had been used to give the statue a new paint job, so to speak. Khaine, upon further investigation of the body noticed a symbol of Bane carved into the chest amongst the other slashes. It was too perfect to have been random slashes. In the meantime, Janus spotted Kiiren Teo, writing notes, and then storming off.

Deciding to follow, since they were headed in that direction anyway, Janus and Khaine confronted Kiiren and asked him what he knew of the crime. The three butted heads, but in the end, Khaine and Janus had noticed things Kiiren had not and thus managed to gain a small amount of favor with the elf.

While Khaine proceeded back to The Bear’s Den to gather the others, Janus went to meet with Nol alone. Nol seemed deeply troubled by the information that Janus brought him and told Janus to wait outside for his friends to come while Nol did what he could to gather information. Kiiren escorted Janus out and thanked him for his help, in a begrudging sort of a way.

Not long after, the party arrived at Nol’s estate, despite a butting of heads between Khaine and “Ratchet”. The party met with Nol and learned of two possible threats in the region, neither of which seemed directly linked to Bane. There were kobold attacks on the farming community to the north, and goblins were raiding the caravans that typically brought orders for Thoracia, Arms by Kain, and The Thistle and Antler.

After some deliberation, the party decided to head north and stop the kobolds, hopefully finding some useful information as well. Taking nearly a days trek north, the party eventually arrived, only to be greeted with a slight disdain by the farming community.

Though the party volunteered to help watch, they had not yet proven themselves to the villagers and were forced to watch on their own, ready to chip in should the villagers need them. “Ratchet” took first watch, but was far too tired from the days trip and fell asleep on the job. Luckily, no attacks were made on the village that night.

Khaine, in the meantime had done some scouting of the area and located the mouth of a cave guarded by kobolds. Feeling fairly confident that this was their hideout, Khaine returned to the party and imparted this information. Combined with the information “Ratchet” had gained talking to townsfolk, the party set out to put an end to the kobold threat.

“Ratchet”, using his knowledge of draconic, fooled the kobolds into think he was an ally and lead them in an attack against his own party. With the kobolds fooled, he instructed them to fight to the death and for the honor of the great master. The kobolds foolishly believed and were dispatched by the party.

With a fair number of kobold corpses littering the cave opening, the party hesitantly proceeded to continue their mission inside the cave…



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