Once upon a time in Tyrn

And so it began...

The first day at The Academy

Their classes had been going well, having learned what to expect from Goblins, Kobolds, and Undead, Team #1 (consisting of Cyrus the Deva Cleric of Corellon, Janus Altus the young Human wizard, Khaine the Half-Orc Avenger, Kami-Kavi the Goliath Warden, and “Ratchet” the Half-Elf Infernal Warlock) was ready to begin their field experience.

Seated around a table within the library they know as The Academy, they were greeted by their instructor Gary Longbell. Though Gary was somewhat intrigued by having a Deva in class, he was for the most part unimpressed with the all human team. The team had opted to fight against Goblins first, so Gary initiated their training, attacking their minds to create the very real illusion.

Mopping up the first group of weak goblins rather quickly, Gary complimented the group, only to have Kami-Kavi smart off to him about his size. Now upset, Gary decided to throw a much more challenging set of Goblins against the team.

Khaine seemed to tear through the beasts as if they were nothing more than paper, his own actions even more monstrous than theirs. “Ratchet”, however, seemed to not have full control over his power. Though he would often try to end the fight quickly with strong spells, they seemed to fizzle more often than fry. Janus brought about the end of a fair number of Goblins, attacking their minds just as Gary had attacked theirs. Cyrus seemed to be the only one unafraid of the threat of death, citing Corellon’s greatness a number of times as arrows seemed to simply vanish before striking him.

Taking out the second group without much trouble, the team seemed prepared for whatever threats could be thrown at them. Seeing this, Gary decided that it time for them to try their hand at Hobgoblins, a much larger and meaner variety of Goblins than the party had faced so far.

The team struggled with the Warcasters whose force was keeping them pinned to the ground, but ultimately prevailed, and as the last Goblin dropped, the world collapsed around them, bringing them back into the library.

“Well, what’s next?” coughed Gary, looking at his students.



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