Once upon a time in Tyrn

Into the Den

With Maré knocked unconcious after the “mock” fight with “Ratchet”, the party decided to cover her body loosely with foliage to hide and protect her while they dealt with the looming threat.

Heading inside the Kobold den, the party noticed several kobolds off in the distance hard at work. Deciding not to interrupt them, the party turned the corner only to find other kobolds disposing of various waste in a large pit. A brawl quickly ensued, resulting in a quick end to the kobolds. The final kobold was thrown headlong into the same pit they were throwing trash in by Janus Altus, whose mind games were once again deadly.

The kobold landed with an odd sound so the party decided to investigate this. Seeing the kobold suspended and decaying rapidly, Janus Altus knew immediately that a gelatinous cube was present and being used as a garbage disposal. Seeing nothing of value in the hole, the party proceeded forward.

When they rounded the next corner, a shocking discovery was made. The creatures that lay ahead were more than just kobolds, they had been changed, made into something much worse. The beasts had arms that looked almost mechanical and shot steam with each vicious swing of the kobolds sword. When they spotted the party, the bloodthirsty beasts headed to the jail cells in back to kill the prisoners they had captured.

Though the party fought quickly and valiantly to go and save the innocent before their slaughter, they were too late, and “Ratchet” was the first to see the slaughtered women and children laying in the cell. The next had a pair of half-orcs, their hands grasped lovingly tight. Seething over what he had seen, “Ratchet” tried quickly to down the kobold, but it commanded mechanical minions, minions which would protect it with their lives.

Unfortunately for the kobold, “Ratchet” spoke the language that commanded the beasts and he turned them on their master. Ending the life of the kobold quickly, “Ratchet” investigated these creatures and what had brought them about. A very strong and dark fey magic had constructed them, and it set “Ratchet” in a state of unease.

Meanwhile, Khaine had heard the cries of another half-orc and was taking out his wrath upon a kobold he had frightened into intimidation. As it shook in fear, Khaine drove his fullblade through the creature and ended it’s life. Seeing this Cyrus became infuriated and refused to tolerate such barbaric actions. He reprimanded Khaine but it did not good, as Khaine simply accepted what he had done as necessary.

Travelling back out to the main room, the party decided to deal with the working kobolds and found that they had received the same modifications as the others. An unseen figure sprinted off as they entered the room, and the kobolds prevented him from being followed.

As soon as the kobolds were dealt with, the party moved on only to find a room that seemed eerily plain. Cyrus knew better and detected the trap right away, finding every minuscule flaw in it. He then conveyed this information to the party, and the party soon enough crossed the room of blades.

Despite all of their experiences and travels, nothing could prepare them for what they saw next. As they threw open the large doors, the party saw a room full of orcs. Creatures they had once thought hunted to extinction now filled a room and were readied to kill them. Charging in, the orc captains quickly downed Kami-Kavi and Khaine, but Cyrus had some words to say of this.

As the party began to deal with the beasts, things only became worse. From behind a veiled wall came the leader of these orcs, along with a small gnome. The gnome seemed to revel in the carnage, slaying several of the orcs by himself, while the orc with the bandaged eye walked forward slowly to engage the party.

The horrors he wraught on them were agonizing at best, causing each member immense physical pain. The beast even slayed his own bretheren to stay healthy as he began to plow through the party. The gnome did the same as the other orcs stood frozen. The party could not bring themselves to run and let such a slaughter occur so they began to confront the true leader of the orcs.

As blow after blow struck the party, each member became weaker and weaker, unable to fight or even flee from their monstrously powerful attacker. Cyrus called upon Corellon for aid and told the foul orc that his days of service to Gruumsh were over. Sending searing white light and an angel of the deity at the orc was simply not enough. As Cyrus held the line and stuck with his faith, the one eyed orc brought the deva to his knees, and then, as Cyrus lay inert, he slew him in cold blood.

Seeing this sight, the party decided it best to avenge their fallen comrade and brought their full strength against the orc. Bringing him to his knees in turn, the orc left his final imprint upon Janus Altus, showing him the horrors that lay behind his bandaged eye. With his death curse spent, the orc fell and the gnome ran, leaving the party two members short and totally exhausted.

Searching the room the party found a large stash of treasure and food, as well as the corpse of a Young White Dragon. Chained, pathetic, and stripped of it’s beauty and luster, the party was left to ponder what had happened to it. Perhaps the gnome’s rantings of taking it’s magic had been true, but with the gnome gone, no one was left to question.

Using Cyrus own ritual upon him, Janus Altus preserved the corpse and made sure it would not return as an undead and then asked Kami-Kavi to carry him to town. Aiding Maré and bringing her to consciousness, the party brought headed back to the village to see what had happened.



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