Once upon a time in Tyrn

The Final Field Examination

Maigera Srain greeted the students as they sat around the table, ready to face the zombies which had last plagued Maré’s team. Janus decided it was best to see what exactly they were about to face from the person at the table most likely to tell them.

“So, what did your team actually face?” he said plainly looking over to Mare. Her reply stuttered out uneasily, but the team learned that they had not passed a single encounter in the group. Hearing this, everyone realized it did not bode well.

Feeling Maigera’s pleasure overtake them, they awoke in a graveyard in a bad state of disrepair. Filled almost to the walls with gravestones, some smashed to bits, the team positioned themselves for an onslaught. As the first zombies rose, the team took action quick.

Khaine and Cyrus both forced their way through with divine might, smiting any who would oppose the team, while everyone else did their best to aid in the destruction of the living dead. While everyone had an impact on the fight, it was clear that the might of Corellon was shining through yet again.

Clearing the first round with what appeared as ease, Maigera was delighted with the groups progress. The next round went even better with more than half of the combatants being vaporized instantly by holy light guided by Cyrus.

When the time for the final task came the group finally received their first challenge of the day. Horrifying grave hounds surrounded the party, along with their seemingly human handlers. As the team fought hard to overcome this, the dogs continued to ravage the party, nearly killing Mare, and for once, hindering Kami-Kavi.

When it was revealed that the humans were actually Wererats, the fight became more interesting and the team struck down their newly identified foes with a vengeance, but not before one of the beasts managed to inflict Mare with a debilitating disease. Mopping up the fight quickly the team received their reward from Gary and went their separate ways for the night.

Cyrus and Mare headed straight back to The Bear’s Den, for some much needed food and rest. While Cyrus practiced his art outside in the rain, Mare was searching for someone who could help her cure herself of the disease. Kammi had fortunately picked up some healing talent throughout the years and brewed Mare a disgusting looking drink. Fortunately it did the trick and Mare started to feel better after a rest.

Meanwhile, “Ratchet” and Kami-Kavi headed over to visit Elyas at his tavern The Thistle and Antler. There he greeted them with full mugs of ale, having made a glass specially for Goliaths now that he had encountered one. He then prepared the men a meal they would be happy to eat after their arduous task that day. The three talked and ate to pass the time that night.

Janus and Khaine headed over to Thoracia to see what was going on at a much different tavern. Inside was bustling, a stark comparison to The Thistle and Antler and the men were greeted at the bar by the merry Dragonborn Dram Torreth. The men had their round and headed over to shoot some dice in the corner. Janus came out ahead after losing only a single roll. The gold on the table was stacked high, but this didn’t seem to intimidate Janus in the least. Walking away with 25 gold in winnings the other men stormed out of the bar.

Khaine had managed to spot an interesting face in the corner. It was Nol Terell, an odd figure to see in what many would consider the unsavory part of town. Janus spent his winnings to buy a round for any who would “pay a visit” to The Thistle and Antler before heading home and the whole bar cheered with enjoyment at the thought.

Heading over to greet the men with the fresh beers for them, Janus and Khaine met the leader of the town and began a friendly conversation. After this wrapped up, Janus looked about the bar for some able bodied men to guard him in case those he shot dice with earlier will still sore from their loss.

Arriving back at the inn at around the same time, all the men decided to call it a night. Shortly after the men fell asleep, Mare awoke and decided to do some investigating of her own. The morning was young and she thought something might be afoot. Finding the town to be quite dead, she headed back in, unsure about what her suspicions had lead her to.

Only time would tell…



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