Nol Terell

Governor of Dol'eloth region of Tyrn


Nol Terell is a kind man who settled quickly after the War of Nations. He was the one to call for the disbandment of armies at the time, and received a great deal of grief for this years later when The Great War began. Still living in a region without any military power, this has not stopped Nol Terell for being well liked by the people of his region for the just way in which he rules. Though some complain that democracy should function, as it does in Darshay, they still agree of all the rules they could have Terell is the best.

Even in old age (76) Terell is still spry and refuses the help of servants more often than not. Having only had one child many years ago, Terell hopes his son Hollis will one day return to claim his spot governing the region. If not, when Nol dies, rule will pass to his appointed second Kiiren Teo.

Nol Terell

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