A scarred Half-Orc wearing dark radiant armor that seems to envelope him.


13 str, 14 con, 16 dex, 10 int, 16 wis, 10 cha. current ac of 19, 13 fort, 14 ref, and 14 will. HP of 28. Only stats worth mentioning are stealth, perception, and acrobatics which at level one are 8. Chracter carries a full blade into battle, while having a hidden dagger for stealth while out of battle.

The chracter wears what would be considered normal looking leather armor, except that it appears skin tight and upon entering into confrontation becomes a deep black, suddenly sprouting a hood that envelpos the face of the wearer. Leaving a jagged tear where the mouth belongs, that is sowed shut. strangly though as the wearer begins to talk the threads appear elastic allowing for the gash to open.


In his hometown most believe Khaine Sudagog is believed to be dead, for in the after math of the Orc wars his entire family was murdered. What no one knows is that Khaine survived, but at no small cost. He watched as the band of Orcs slaughtered and raped his human mother. At such a young age he was powerless to stop them but dumb enough to try. The Orcs tore a gash in one side of his cheek and out the other with their tusks, and leaving him so brutally battered that he was paralyzed from the waist down tossed into a ditch to die as he watched his house and family burn to ashes.

As Khaine lied in the ditch shit covered and bleeding to death, he began to pray to any and all deities. His call was answered and as such he was granted the ability to seek out and destroy his adversaries, but most importantly he was grated the ability to walk. As he lay there dieing he accepted the gift without even a seconds thought to the terms.

As his dieing body lied amongst the muck, darkness began to ooze from his pores creeping out into the shit and muck that surrounded him. Khaine watched as his surroundings began to shift and still as the black energy touched it. The muck and alike began to take upon its own form and move at blinding speed attaching itself to his legs and arms. Its cold embrace was felt down to his bones as it wrapped itself around his arms. Suddenly stricken by fear Khaine began to flail at this ooze, only to find that his efforts where spreading it faster than he could have ever imagined. Khaine’s last memory of this moment is of darkness and gagging as the ooze covered his eyes and shoved itself down his throat.

His next memory after the events of the ditch must have happened some time later for he did not recognize his surroundings. But there was a presence in his head and it was screaming with joy, and Khaine could not figure out why. Well that was until he paid closer attention to his hands which where mechanically disemboweling an Orc. As Khaine became more aware of his actions he found that he was enjoying this. He was no longer helpless to defend himself against these disgusting savages. It was at this point that Khaine shed his last name for he no longer was a weak Sudagog, Khaine was something more.

Khaine lived for an unknown amount of time doing what his hateful heart and blood thirst called for. The voice in his head becoming stronger and more prevalent as he cut a bloody swath through the country side. It wasn’t until he came across what appeared to be an Orc encampment that he became painfully aware of the voice’s affect upon him.

He started the blood shed just like all the other time’s except this time there was a child. This normally didn’t phase him until he realized it was a half Orc child. Upon the instant the child began to fight him, as Khaine disemboweled what must have been the child’s mother, Khaine realized he had been this child before and he himself was no better than the Orcs. But the voice screamed for the slaughter and Khaine denied it.

Khaine Felt his legs go out from underneath him as the power slipped away from his useless legs. This was a feeling he had not felt in what must have been years. He felt so cold and so utterly alone, but worst of all so helpless. The voice reminded him of how little he truly was and pointed out to Khaine what he had to do to regain his legs. The little half Orc Child was on Khaine’s back attempting his best at killing him. Feeling once again his hearts sorrow and hate, Khaine grabbed the child’s head with one strong arm and twisted the little fellow off of him. Crawling his way over to where the child now laid, Khaine used one hand to choke the life from the child and the other to hide its eyes from his own.

Khaine crawls his way from the encampment, and the voice grants him back his legs after he crawled his penance of two and a half miles. Though once on his legs Khaine passes out. His next memory is of entering a town Yoreweather. Khaine strangely found the hidden academy here with great easy. Is this the voice’s doing? Has he found someplace that will help rid him of this voice? All Khaine can do is wonder how and why fate has led him here…



Once upon a time in Tyrn Alaster