Janus Altus

A secretive wizard who often wears a smirk that seems to taunt, "I know something you don't know."



Gender: Male | |  Age: 21 | | Weight: 200
Class: Wizard | | Size: Medium | | Alignment: N-E
Deity: Agnostic

Ability and Defense Scores

STR 10 | | AC 14
CON 14 | | FORT 14
DEX 14 | | REF 15
INT 16 | | WILL 15
WIS 13 | | SPEED 6
CHA 12 | | Pass. Insight 17
HP  28 | | Pass. Perception 12


Acrobatics +3 | | Acrana +9 | | Athletics +1
Bluff +2 | | Diplomacy +7 | | Dungeoneering +7
Endurance +3 | | Heal +2 | | History +9
Insight +7 | | Initimidate +4 | | Nature +2
Perception +2 | | Religeon +4 | | Stealth +3
Streetwise +2 | | Theivery +3 | | Languages Known: Common, Primordial, Abyssalby familiar


Implement Mastery: Orb of Deception | | Spellbook | | Expanded Spellbook
Ritual Casting | | Dark Fury | | Arcane Familiar: Bound Demon
Weapon Proficiencies: Dagger, Quarterstaff | |  Armor Proficiencies: Cloth
Arcane Reserves



Phantom Bolt | | Ilusory Ambush | | Magic Missile


Grasping Shadows


Acid Arrow | | Flaming Sphere | | Rolling Thunder


Phantasmal Terrain | | Shield


Comprehend Language | | Silence | | Tenser's Floating disk


Janus is not one to talk about his past, but the story circulating around the Acadamy is that he is the adopted son of a powerful wizard from the Darshay region. This wizard selected Janus from an area orphanage, but not because he was looking for a heir to pass his knowledge to or because he yearned for the companionship of a son, rather because he learned that adopting a child was a cheaper proposition than buying a slave.

Janus was badly mistreated by his new “father,” given minimal rations, and often subjected to brutal magical experiments that tampered with his mind and struck at his body.

Janus quickly grew to despise the wizard, but was facinated by the incredible magic his harsh master wielded with ease. When his master slept or was otherwise occupied he would sneak into the library and pour over the ancient tomes and magical scrolls.

On one such occasion the wizard had left on a journey to gather some exotic components, and Janus decided to tackle a particularly thick manuscript on the subject of the Nine Hells that the wizard kept in his private study. Unbeknownst to Janus, however, the wizard had rigged his study with a warding before he left that notified him of the intrusion. Just as the boy was finishing the first chapter of the book, which detailed the hierarchy of the Hells, the wizard teleported into the room with a bright flash and rumble of thunder. He caught the boy up in a giant invisable fist, roared that the whelp had become more trouble than he was worth, and started gathering the crackling magical energies needed to cast his killing stroke.

Janus, both terrified and enraged, blindly struck back with all the will he could muster, weaving a spell by clumsy necessity rather than by skill or knowledge. The immence force of the spell overwhelmed his body and mind and he lost conciousness believing he would be dead before he ever woke up.

This, however, was not the case, and after laying unconscious for nearly a week on the study’s floor his eyes flickered open to a strange sight. A fully formed but pint-sized Evistro demon sat crosslegged on his chest with a dour expression of his face.

“Ugh,” it scoffed, “A simple planar transfer spell nearly kills you outright, and you are my master?”

The miniature demon then introduced itself as Ethiertes the Bloodfiend , and explained the circumstances behind his arrival, and the disappearance of the wizard. The boy had apparently made an inadvertent trade with the Archdevil Alloces, one servant for another. Just as the wizard was now a bound servant of Alloces, so Ethiertes was a bound servant to Janus.

The boy was in complete disbelief until he spotted the empty robes on the ground where he had last seen the wizard standing, and having searched them, found the family amulet the wizard never removed. He smiled at the thought of his tyrant appearing stark naked in one of the hidden torture chambers of the terrible Alloces, then set out to freely explore his new tower.

Janus lived and studied in the tower for many years until he grew tired of the confinement and the inhabitants of the nearby village began to grow suspicious of the wizards long absence. One late night he gathered a few belongings, his spellbook, a sack of gold, and his petulant demon servant and set off for Dol’eloth, where there was rumored to be a school interested in young heros.

Though Janus learned the abilities necessary to heal the magical scars left from his days of servitude under the brutal wizard, he has chosen to retain them. These include several deep magical scars on his chest and back, as well as profound scaring on his mind. These cuts and gashes upon his psyche cause any spells of insight into his inner thoughts, into the truth of his words, or into the alignment of his soul to come back muddled and inconclusive. They also require him to take one hour of deep meditation, in addition to an extended rest, atleast once a week to center his psyche or his magical powers grow weak and inconsistant (takes a -2 to attack rolls on magical abilities).

Janus Altus

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