The central region of the continent, it contains the cities of Darshayne and Vol’Resaine. Bordered by the largest number of regions including Quarante, Dol’eloth, Touil, Nomarun, Phae, and Terr’norath (Listed Counter-Clockwise). The region is dotted with many tiny townships who live within the region under the protection of Darshayne’s strong military. The region is also populated with many small mountains and forests, all too small to be seen from The Earthmote Kurroleis, where the original map of the land was made.


The Great Council of Darshayne rules over the region in a quasi-democratic manor. Officials are elected to the diverse council by popular vote, and then confirmed by the remaining members of the council. The council is in charge of making all major decisions for the region and also functions like a court. It was determined when the council was first founded that it should be racially diverse in order to make the best decision for the greatest number of people.

Currently the numbers are as such: 2 Half-Elfs, 2 Humans, 2 Dwarf, 2 Dragonborn, 1 Elf, 1 Eladrin, 1 Gnome, 1 Halfling, and 1 Deva. The Deva that is a member of the council actually occupies the position known as The High Seat. He guides over the council and his vote actually holds the weight of two, giving him a fair amount of power. Kormayne Illarran was the man responsible the establishment of The Great Council after The Great War. The region was formerly ruled over by a single king, who willingly gave up power in favor of Kormayne’s idea.


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