The Academy


The Academy was founded by Gary Longbelland several others after The Great War. Functioning primarily as a place to train new adventurers most people are unaware of it’s existence, including a majority of the population of Yoreweather. The Academy, among those who know it, is renown for it’s harshness, with almost 80% of the students who enroll meeting an untimely demise during their training or examinations. Those who do manage to survive succeed in their lives of adventure, more often than not travelling all of Tyrn, and rumor has it, even other planes.

Training Methods

The teachers at The Academy use illusion to train their students. By attacking the minds of their students, they can create a real simulation of what it is like to fight in the real world. Students will submit to this attack and then train by fighting whatever creatures their teacher imagines, and in whatever locale is created. Most call this training method aggressive and reckless, but the results are undeniable, in that students of The Academy who survive gain experience at a quicker rate than students at other places of training.


Staff has rotated throughout the years, with the only constant teacher being Gary Longbell. As a founder of the school, he personally hires the staff he will work alongside. More often than not, the enrollment at The Academy only calls for two teachers at a given time, but there have been as many as 4 teachers at a time in years past. There is an incredibly high turnover rate for teachers, as the stress induced upon them by training, and often times, inadvertantly killing their students results in their inability to continue teaching.

At our present time, the two teachers are Gary Longbell and Maigera Srain.

The Academy

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