The Great War

The history of the war all begins with Cal’Roth, an orc general who is said to have been born directly of Gruumsh. He harried the first attacks that would begin The Great War. Rising from the desert stronghold of Gulgran, the orcs swept north ravaging the small community of Oralon, a predominantly human farming village. Holding no real form of defense the village fell quickly to the orc’s massive horde. Perhaps most strange for followers of Gruumsh, the orcs left a fair number alive.

The orcs immediately swept further north, towards the grand Eladrin city of Nallion. As the city of Nallion, capital of the region, began to fall to the orcs assault, the strongest eladrin magic users gathered together and decided on a course of action. They determined that the only course of action available to them was to sever the tie between Nallion and the physical plane, sending it at once back into the Feywild. However, before the mages could sever the tie, one of their own turned on them.

Vael’Tis Seroth decided to side with the orcs, sabotaging the effort from the inside. His plan was to use the orcs for conquest and then rule over them using his superior intellect. Vael’Tis ensured the orcs safe teleportation out of the city moments before Nallion returned to the Feywild along with all of it’s inhabitants. Having only lost perhaps one thousand orcs in the assault due to Vael’Tis’ quick work, Cal’Roth was surprised with the eladrin’s treachery. He decided to allow the wizard to work along side him during the intended conquest of the continent.

With Nallion separated from the plane, there would be no one to warn the other nations of the impending assault. Camping in the great chasm left by Nallion’s departure, Cal’Roth and his horde, along with the betrayer Vael’Tis began their planning. Vael’Tis proposed his plans for domination to the orcs. He explained to them the need to gain even greater numbers, to gather all who would join in a war against all who would oppose them. His suggestion was something that had never occurred before, an alliance among all lesser races. Kobolds, Gnolls, and Orcs all working together to conquer and destroy.

Though Cal’Roth was worried about how tenuous an alliance with such lesser races would be, he eventually saw the strength such numbers could provide him. He knew that the orcs would have the superior strength in the end, and thus secure their position at the top nevertheless.

It wasn’t long before these alliances were formed, no more than a matter of weeks, but Cal’Roth and Vael’Tis had both underestimated their opposition. Though it was true the mages of Nallion would be busy rebuilding their home and protecting it from the dangers of the Feywild, they could spare one mage to warn the continent of the impending threat. Arimil So’Liss traveled to Darshayne, the continents largest city and told them of the assault that had occurred. About how the assault ravaged the city and killed all their trained warriors, and then when the spell went through to return Nallion to the Feywild, all the orcs mysteriously disappeared. Meanwhile the orcs were busy mustering all the hideous allies they could, and now, with Arimil’s warning, Darshayne began to rouse all the nations to arms.

Field Marshall Kormayne Illarran, a great Half-Elf general from Darshayne had already predicted the orcs next assault point. They would likely try and take Larrain, a human city to the north, in order to set up a base of operations. The city of Larrain was essentially a stronghold, it’s walls thick stone and only one entrance. The city lacked any true military, however, relying primarily on their strong defenses to keep them safe. For all these years it hard worked, but all of this was about to come to an abrupt end.

Kormayne lead his troops to the city, over two-hundred thousand strong, gathered from all the nations, banded together as one. Arimil had reported the orcs numbers as no more than one hundred thousand, and Kormayne intended to crush this threat, and perhaps put an end to the entire evil race. However, Kormayne had not anticipated the involvement of a strong arcane magic user.

While Cal’Roth had been gathering his forces, Vael’Tis had already departed to Larrain, gaining access to the city with ease. He began to establish a permanent teleportation circle in the basement of the inn he was staying in. When the forces had been gathered, Vael’Tis sprung his trap and the orcs, along with their newfound allies stormed the walled city from the inside.

By the time that Kormayne and the troops arrived, Larrain was already taken, every inhabitant slaughtered or enslaved. Even with Kormayne’s leadership, penetrating the defenses of Larrain when guarded by well trained orcs seemed like an impossibility. Perhaps even more frustrating to Kormayne was the fact that no damage showed to the exterior walls. He had no idea of the presence of Vael’Tis, and thus had no true means to counter it.

It just so happened that at this time, the great earthmote Kurroleis, as named by those below, was floating overhead. No one had ever been capable of traveling up to Kurroleis, so it’s contents were still a mystery for everyone living down on the continent. Just as Kormayne thought that all hope was lost, down from the massive earthmote flew strange beings. They came slowly, but it was as if a great flood had overflown from above and was raining down onto Larrain.

These packs all contained at least on strange creature emanating with strange light blue or greenish light. They seemed to command the very winds to carry down the others to safety. They were not the only strange creatures among these groups, which included beast men, strange colored humans, and giant rock men. The diverse packs of beings landed right in Larrain and began to combat the orcs.

Praying for the aid of Kord, eventually the lone gate of Larrain was brought up for Kormayne and his troops and they joined the conflict. Inside the city the battle raged for several days before all was settled. As it turns out, Vael’Tis had been captured by the strange skinned humans. The beings explained to Kormayne that they were Devas, former residents of The Astral Sea, and that the great god Correlon had communicated to them that there had been a betrayal among his beloved Eladrin and they were sent to capture the betrayer.

Enlisting the aid of the elemental humans, known now as Genesai, the half-lycanthrope shifters, and the craggy skinned Goliaths who all lived upon the earthmote, the Devas had ensured that the conflict was brought to an end before a war ravaged the entire continent. Cal’Roth was slain in the conflict, along with a fair number of the orcs. No more than one thousand still lived from the original one-hundred thousand orcs.

Furthrmore, the Devas explained what was still necessary for those involved in this conflict. They requested that Darshayne aid in the reconstruction of Nallion and that Larrain be turned into a great arcane prison. It was already a strong establishment, and no damage had been done to the wall. Considering the few human survivors, it would be easy to relocate them and turn Larrain into this new fortress. Kormayne consented, grateful for their aid in ending the war before it got out of hand.

The Devas would gather the greatest arcanists of the time in order to construct a truly secure stockade. What they had not told Kormayne was that the prison would be used to house not only criminals of this dimension, but all of the planes. It would be a great burden, but the Devas had heard the decree of the gods, and believed them when the gods told the Devas it was the safest of the planes.

As recorded by Jhoram the Scribe

The Great War

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