The Narraen Incident

Ten years ago (ten years after The Great War), the world saw its last major attacks on any city. The city under siege was called Narraen, a city built to show the unity of those on the continent with those on the earthmote Kurroleis. The city was predominantly continent dwellers, with a fair amount of the unorthodox folk who were born on Kurroleis.

The problems all began one day at a funeral. When the family went to inter the body of their loved one, it rose at once from the ground and began to attack those it had known in life. Fortunately the undead horror was laid to rest before it could kill more than two or three people. Those involved thought that it was an isolated incident, and decided it best to simply keep the event hushed so as not to startle any involved.

Unfortunately for them, the event was far from the last. Before long, the dead in the cemeteries nearby began to rise. These cemeteries held all of those who had died in The Great War who hailed from Kurroleis. Needless to say, these undead were far more formidable than a grandparent who had just died. The resulting attack on Narraen resulted in the slaughter of every citizen in the city.

Kormayne, the half-elf Field Marshall, was asked to aid in finding the causes of these problems. Collecting the greatest minds and bodies in Darshayne, Kormayne made a trip to Kurroleis. His team transported directly into the city of Narraen and were greeted just as they expected from the reports. Undead roamed freely in the streets, along with a strange group of humanoid creatures.

The humanoids seemed to be commanding the undead, and upon spotting Kormayne ordered their slaughter. Kormayne and his men were far more trained than the townspeople slain the previous days. They managed to slay with ease the undead recreations of the men they had once fought alongside.

Unbeknownst to Kormayne, the Devas had already been contacted by The Raven Queen regarding what was occurring. They were told to construct a great wall to seal the entire northwest portion of Kurroleis. After it was constructed, it would need the same enchantments as placed upon it as Larrain, the new planar prison, as well as some new ones she would teach them. Beginning construction immediately, the Devas decided to contact Kormayne after it’s completion.

Having fended off wave after wave of undead, Kormayne, thinking quickly, determined that the men would need to locate the source of their revival, and he had already placed bets that these humanoids were at fault. Thinking quickly, Kormayne destroyed the circle that could be used to create a linked portal to Darshayne, cutting off the quick escape of those who perpetrated this.

Using the night as covered turned out to be a much worse idea than Kormayne had anticipated, as newer horrors arrived at night that made the monstrosities they encountered during the day seem comical. Vampires, flesh golems, wraiths, and ghouls all roamed as if they had owned these lands for decades. Taking on one of these creatures without proper planning was going to be a mistake, but still, time was of the essence.

Avoiding as best they could the creatures going bump in the night, the group tracked one of the strange humanoids. When he was alone, as best as they could tell, they silenced him and proceeded to trap him. Unfortunately for the group, he wasn’t alone. A vampire, which the man considered his bodyguard, quickly ended the lives of two of Kormayne’s men. Without hesitation Kormayne switched his focus to the vampire, and with great effort managed to kill it. The man had escaped, but he would not have been able to get far with the binding Kormayne had put on him.

Finding him not far off from another group of undead, Kormayne dragged him back to a safe place for interrogation. Finding that the creature called himself Shadar-Kai, he proceeded to question all of the necromancy. Under torture, the Shadar-Kai finally revealed what was going on. They were a militant group intent on conquering the physical plane. Lead by a strong necromancer named Alabrek, the group had the command of many strong undead. Kormayne further questioned why vampires would serve a necromancer. They were sentient and often strong, it was unlikely that this necromancer could have any sort of influence over them. The Shadar-Kai simply laughed, explaining that often the goals of people and monsters could coincide.

Knowing now what he was up against, Kormayne ended the foul man’s life and continued on with his initial plan. Understanding that domination was the plan, he knew that he must warn the nations and rouse a group who could put a stop to this. Quickly telling Toryn, a human wizard who had accompanied him, to sketch a magic circle that could transport them to the nearest city, he would warn them of the plans and gather force enough to crush these beasts.

Upon arriving in Szul’go’gora, a city of Genesai, he found whoever he could tell and warned them of the growing threat in Narraen. It was then that he learned of the Devas plans to wall off the entire portion of the mote. Not understanding what a wall could possibly stop, he urged them instead to join him in a fight. Before he could finish explaining why the wall would fail, The Raven Queen appeared before them.

She told Kormayne and the Devas why she had commanded them to build the wall. The wall would serve as a barrier of protection, not as a means to trap the threat. Once the wall was complete, The Raven Queen would directly end the lives of all of her followers who had gone astray. The manner in which they were using necromancy was not what she had intended, and none of the Shadar-Kai were to enter the physical plane without her expressed permission to hunt.

Furthermore, she told them that the energy it would take to destroy all of those within would leave her in a weakened state for many years, perhaps several decades. They were to tell no one of her direct intervention, and the wall was to remain in place as a reminder of what lay beyond. She would return to her fortress Zvomarana in Letherna on a plane she called The Shadowfell. She had guards there who would protect her until her power fully returned.

Although Kormayne was worried about what may happen, he decided that he would listen to this cloaked goddess. He asked for her permission to return to Darshayne, which she promptly granted, and he pushed what he had seen from his mind as best he could.

As recorded by Jhoram the Scribe

The Narraen Incident

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