A Goliath Warden very well conditioned and lean with muscle.


STR 17 CON 18 DEX 13 INT 10 WIS 10 CHA 13

AC 19 FORT 15 REF 13 WILL 12

40 HP

War Pick 1d8

Acrobatics-1 Arcana-0 Athletics-10 Bluff-1 Diplomacy-1 Dungeoneering-0 Endurance-9 Heal-0 History-0 Insight-0 Intimidate-6 Nature-7 Perception-0 Religion-0 Stealth-1 Streetwise-1 Thievery-1


Toughness, Improved Bull Rush


Kami lived high in the mountains in a growing village of around two hundred Goliaths. The Wardens among the village act as caretakers to the mountains. The dwarves share the mountain only to mine precious stones and destroy the mountains. This rogue group is only one hundred strong but puts up a very good fight. The peacefull Goliaths did not want to start an all out war and have the mountain destroyed for it so now they regulate how much the dwarves can take.

All of the Goliaths help to manage the dwarves in many different ways. Kami’s job included armed patrols to physically enforce and manage the dwarves. Many times the fights would just be brawls and rarely deadly. This forced Kami to train exceptionally hard to be the best and most fit warden. His battle concentration was very acute and nothing escaped his glowing green eyes much less the hand that follows the glare. Rushing into the fight and grabing the dwaves became his specialty.

On one occasion Kami’s patrol of five were roaming the peaks of the mountain during winter when a strong flash blizzard hit. They took cover in a small pass and attempted to wait out the storm. While they were resting a group of twenty or so dwarves ambushed them with swords drawn, three Gotliaths were killed instantly. Kami reacting quickly was able to charge through a group of them to clear a parth for the surviving Goliath but when he turned to reach for his friend the dwarves had already caught him with several stabs. Knowing of his fate Kami grabbed a dwarf by the neck while running out of the pass.

Finding the next cliff he could Kami stepped to the edge and held the dwarf over the edge. As he was debating to himself whether to kill him or spare his life the spirt of winter appeared in the form of a frozen orb. The orb seemed to speak to him and said he would find the answer if he looked into the orb. Seeing no harm in it he obeyed and soon was enveloped in a dream where he saw himself fighting the dwarf ambushers in anger and vengeance but he was losing, feeling every blow his life slowly drained. His dream figure reached into his armor and pulled out and orb identical to the one he is looking into and dropping to one knee smashed it into the ground. A blizzard itself seemed to form around him and the ground around him became spiked with ice making them very difficult to move through. He emerged covered in ice with spikes on his shield and his body. His weapon became infused with the power of ice and when he smashed the nearest dwarf ice locked all of the dwarves into place.

Seeing the Warden in trouble a mountain ram came to the battle. Knowing of what the dwarfs have done the ram charges into the fight and empowers Kami to unleash a powerfull lighting wave while the ram knocks all targets back. This attack is easily able to kill all dwarves and Kami survives his trip back to the village. After hearing of this the village decides to begin their training to be able to kill the dwarves quickly and swiftly with as little damage to the mountain and its creatures as possible. The elect Kami to attend the academy so that when he returns he can lead his people into the battles and win the war for them. The survival of Kami’s home depends on his training.


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